2017-2018 Self-Assessment Tax Return

Do you need to complete  a 2017/18 Tax Return? Use the HMRC online tool to find out. If a Return is require get a system in place. 



A digital system will be much easier and safer once in place but if you prefer good old fashioned paper then file all your documentation as it arrives in something like a document wallet. These are about £3 each from Staples. 

Have one for each year. Then label up the sections ie

  • Employment – P60, P11d.
  • Child benefit.
  • Rental – Agents statements, mortgage.
  • Investments – interest certificates, statements, dividend counterfoils
  • Pensions
  • Gift aid
  • Capital gains


You can very easily set up a folder on your C: drive for all your tax documents. Call it after the tax year – 2017-18 then have sub folders for each category of your affairs. Every time you receive some document relevant for your Return take a photo of it with your smartphone then save it to the folder ie you receive your P60 save it to C:2017-18/employment folder.

Better still use a cloud based file sharing service such as Dropbox    

2017-18 Checklist

Once you think you have everything we need to complete your Return then download a copy of our 2017-18 Checklist. Excel and pdf copies are below.

Run through this and either send everything through to us or upload it to your cloud account. Let us know once you have done this and we will then make a start on your Return.

Published 3 April 2018.

Updated 7 December 2018.