Our charges.

The Price will vary as you may not need certain services listed.

You then then has the choice of 3 payment options.

  • Paying once the work is completed to your satisfaction but within a month of the deadline.
  • Full payment in advance (10% discount).
  • Installment payment in advance (5% discount).

Once the client agrees which services are required and how they wish to pay, we issue a formal engagement letter. Where you pay early we will issue an interim fee note and continuing to keep full time ledgers which will be compared with our final time costs once the work is finalised. Where there is a significant difference a final fee or credit note will then be issued, any small differences will be included in the following year’s fee estimate.

If you choose to pay after the work has been completed any submissions are then made once our charges are settled. Where you supply accounts/Tax Return information “late” (within a month of the submission deadline) we will expect the fee to be paid at that time.

Click on the links below for examples of  for the type of clients we deal with, the range of work we do and our typical charges for this.

Annual work.

All figures are net of VAT.

Ongoing compliance work.

All figures are net of VAT.

Ad hoc work.

All figures are net of VAT.

Note 1.

Where we visit clients we charge for travel time at our usual hourly rates and for all related costs. All prices are net of VAT.

Note 2.

In some circumstances clients are unable to provide us with sufficient information to prepare their Return. For small amounts we can include reasonable estimates. Where the information is significant we will usually submit a “provisional” Return. This avoids triggering the late submission penal charges (starting at £100 and potentially increasing to £1,600) however as we have to tick the provisional box on the Return this will be flagged up to HMRC. Best avoided if possible.

Note 3.

Bookkeeping software are charged on a varied rate, depending on packages and deals subject to retailer.

Terminating our arrangement.

Should you decide to terminate our arrangement, we expect all invoiced work to be paid and may have to raise an additional charge for completing work to a suitable transfer point. We can then authorise your new advisers and pass on any information as required. 

Free One Hour Consultation.

If you are looking for an accountant we would appreciate the opportunity to show you why Tax Data Ltd will be a good choice. You can either call us on 01737 551904 and have a long chat about your situation over the telephone, or indeed just make an appointment to meet us.Either way, your call will be treated in the strictest confidence.


We do hope you will be happy with our services. Where you recommend us to others and these recommendations become clients we will pay you a one off commission equal to the smaller of 10% of your usual annual compliance fee or 10% of the new client’s annual compliance fee.  This becomes payable to you once the new client has settled their first invoice and the commission is based on this invoice.

Published 13 September 2017.

Updated 12 November 2018.