Company formation service

Forming a company is an easy and inexpensive task to perform. We offer a comprehensive and professional company formation service that is tailored to your specific needs. We will be happy to explain the various steps involved not only to form the new company, but what you need to do after the corporation. There are various tax authorities you must inform if you are to avoid the penalties that can arise for failing to do so.


Start-ups and Company Formations.

If you are considering starting a new business, or forming a new company then take advantage of our free one hour consultation. You can either talk to us over the telephone on 01737 551904 or make an appointment to come in and meet us.You will quickly discover what we have to say about the different ways you might go about setting up your new business is worth listening to. We can help you through the early stages of deciding whether it is best to start trading as a company or remain as a sole-trader or partnership. The choice is not always as obvious as you may think. The tax saving angle will probably be the deciding factor.

There are, however, other equally important considerations you should take into account in making your decision and we are always willing to explain them to you in our first free consultation. We have also tucked away of lot of business life experiences and more importantly created successful businesses from scratch themselves in the past. We are always happy to pass on that experience and hopefully save you making the same mistakes they made the first time around.

Company Formations.

Nothing is more frustrating for us than to learn a new client has paid over the odds for setting up a company when it only costs £15 and five minutes if you visit the Companies House website and do it yourself. Alternatively, avail yourself of our access to Inform Direct. This usually costs £72 pa however we include this as part of our annual fees.

It is true you would be wise to take some professional advice from us or a solicitor, before leaping in with your credit card and forming a company. We can tell you for free all you need to know in five minutes flat to allow you to make a rational decision on what you should do next. Call us on 01737 551904.

Published 13 September 2017.

Updated 15 October 2017.