What is FreeAgent?

FreeAgent is a cloud based bookkeeping software system. You can use the program 24/7 wherever you are – providing you have internet access. Do invoices, bills, reconcile from the ease of your mobile phone, tablet or computer.  As this is an online system the software is continually improving. Check whether you like the software using their 30 day free trial.

Please contact us if you have queries.

QuickBooks Online Plus Vs FreeAgent?

Both packages provide similar functionality.  QBO has better reports while FreeAgent offers free payroll. We are suggesting QBO for VAT registered businesses and FreeAgent for smaller sole traders and landlords. 

How much does FreeAgent cost?

FreeAgent is now owed by the Royal Bank of Scotland\National Westminster Bank and is available free of charge with their business accounts. There are charges for this account (usually £5 per month) however if you are paying bank charges anyway then this is certainly worth looking at. If you wish you to try FreeAgent let us know and we will set this up for you. 

How can FreeAgent help your business?

  • Customised invoices.
  • Do estimates and invoices on the spot.
  • Enter bills and expenses.
  • Have access to profit and loss, accounts receivables and accounts payable. This will help you keep on top of the financial health of your business.
  • Manage employees’ time better by having them complete time sheets.
  • Stream your bank accounts, making reconciling bank faster and more accurate. Link invoices and bills to bank transactions.
  • Calculate your business’s VAT.
  • Multi-currency can be switched on, with regular updates of the exchange rate.
  • Do your own payroll.
  • Track cost by project.


How can Tax Data help you understand FreeAgent and use it to its full potential?

We offer bookkeeping training at an hourly rate of £40 plus VAT. We can do this at our office or travel to you. We will discuss how much of the bookkeeping you want to do and what you want us to do, if any. We can show you how to do invoices, bills, expenses, reconcile bank and VAT returns. If there is any other additional features you can ask and we will let you know if it possible. Where you would like us to do any bookkeeping our hourly rate is £30 plus VAT. We will let you know what information we require.

Published 22 October 2018.