Professional Tradesman

The Complete CIS Accounting Service for the Professional Tradesman.

There is no getting away from the fact that those honest professionals in the building and construction trade suffer because of the continuing hard-hitting HMRC campaigns to catch the rogue traders who think tax evasion is a national sport. Unfortunately for some, the HMRC are vigorously enforcing late-filing penalties for late CIS returns. Next year RTI payroll penalties follow. To make matters worse, many who do file their CIS returns every month ignore the implications of only paying lip-service to the check box they complete that confirms they have addressed any employment status issues they have with their subcontractors. Some may even comply with putting in place the contracts that should be present to protect their interests far beyond any tax, insurance and Health & Safety issues they are obliged to comply with. We bet many don’t!

We have years of experience advising sole-traders (man-with-a-van) and working with larger building and construction companies. Accounting and tax planning services are supplemented by guiding you in what kind of subcontractor arrangements you need to have in place.

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Published 13 September 2017.

Updated 15 October 2017.