Replacements of Domestic Items Relief (RDI).

With effect from 5 April 2016 the old rules on claims for expenditure on expensive items of a long-lasting nature such as household appliances etc. used by their tenants is being replace by “Replacements of Domestic Items Relief” (RDI). All landlords of residential property can claim this (previously the property had to be furnished). The relief is given for the like-for-like replacement cost of domestic items (not the initial cost).  You can also continue to claim tax relief for the repairs and renewal of fixed items.

Domestic items are:

  • Moveable furniture (beds, free-standing wardrobes, etc.).
  • Furnishings (carpets, curtains, linen, etc.).
  • Household appliances (televisions, fridges, freezers, etc.).
  • Kitchenware (crockery, cutlery, etc.)

You cannot claim RDI for expenditure integral to the property that is not normally removed by the landlord when the property is sold but you can claim for repairs.

  • Capital items which becomes part of the house, such as fitted bathroom furniture, baths, toilets, boilers and fitted kitchen units and appliances.
  • New Integral features such as a *boiler or radiator which is part of the heating system (again we can still claim of this type of expenditure against any eventual capital gain when the property is sold, so keep full details). Landlords will continue to receive tax relief for the replacement of these items as repairs.

*There is some debate on whether a new boiler or radiator is capital or is a repair to the overall heating system.

The HMRC notes on this can be found here.



Published 4 October 2017.

Updated 25 October 2017.