VT Cashbook and VT Transaction+.

Much as we like VT we can no longer recommend this for clients as they are not offering a solution of the MTD at this time. For landlords and smaller businesses it seems FreeAgent will be a better choice.

VT Cash Book

This is free simplified version of VT Transaction+. which we offer training on. The system allows you to enter income and expenses and reconcile bank and cash accounts producing profit and loss, balance sheets and ledger reports. You can also prepare VAT returns. It is very user friendly once set up and allows fast data entry. Ideal for small businesses and landlords.

Some VT Cash Book training videos can be accessed below:

VT Cash Book Set Up, Basic Data Entry and Bank Reconciliation.

VT Cash Book Cash Transactions and Private Payments.

VT Cash Book Accounting for Paypal and Credit Card Income

The program does need to be personalised to suit your use and I have set up data files:

  • Landlords
  • Sole traders
  • CIS Subcontractors
  • Small limited companies.

Please let me know if you want for a copy of one of these.

VT Transaction+.

This is the upgrade of VT Cash Book. A single user license costs £125 which includes a 12 months support. It offers more functionality than VT Cash Book and includes sales and purchase ledgers.

Check out the VT website here.


Both systems offer similar functions. However, QBO is less time consuming compared to VT as QBO streams transactions from bank account which saves time and reduces mistakes. QBO is cloud based allowing your access from anywhere with internet access on mobiles, tablets, PC’s and Macs.  VT is only available on Windows PC’s. Data is entered manually with VT or using an “universal input sheet” through which spreadsheet data can be imported.

Please talk to our software advisor on which will better package will suit you better.


Published 9 October 2017.

Updated 22 October 2018.