Established in 1996, Coulsdon based Tax Data Ltd Accountants deliver a friendly, complete, cost effective, bookkeeping, cloud accounting and tax service for individuals and small to medium sized businesses in the Surrey/South London region.

If you are looking for an accountant who can give you the advice you really need, when you need it, then we look forward to talking to you. Call Mike for a free, no obligation chat on 01737 551904.

Level of service.


You provide timely information in a format which will allow us to complete your accounts and Returns without too many queries. For sole traders and landlords this means you will let us have summary income and expenses figures for the year. Companies will all do of the bookkeeping and send us the trial balance at the end of the year and enter the final adjustments once the accounts are agreed. Additional work/advice is charged at our standard hourly rates. This package suits experienced clients who know their way around accounts and Tax Returns and require minimum support.


We expect most of our clients to fall within this bracket of charges which includes help with bookkeeping, reminders, occasional meetings and some telephone/email support. Additional work/advice are charged at our standard hourly rates.


Enhanced support for bookkeeping, accounts and taxation. This may suit a new business in the early years or clients with more complicated tax affairs or a busy lifestyle. Additional work/advice are charged at our standard hourly rates.


Published 1 September 2017.

Updated 25 April 2018.

Ways to pay.

Firstly agree the work schedule and estimated fee as described above. You can then:

  • pay in advance and claim a 10% discount on the figure quoted.
  • pay monthly by standing order and claim a 5% discount.
  • pay after the work is completed to your satisfaction. Returns and accounts are submitted to HMRC/ Companies House once our fees are settled. Where you supply accounts/Tax Return information “late” (within a month of the submission deadline) we will expect the fee to be paid at that time.

How we charge.

We are aware that many clients are unclear on what services they require and what they are being charged for – what is part of our service and what is not.  So for 2018 we are giving clients the option of  3 personalised levels of service and 3 ways to pay.

Prior to starting work each year (or for a specific job) we will send you a schedule of the work we believe you want us to undertake. This will show the level of support we think you will need.along with the appropriate time we believe it will take us to do the work. You then have the opportunity to adjust this as you think fit.  Once the work is agreed and we have an idea of the time, we can multiply the hours by our chargeable rates to arrive at an estimate of our charges for the year. If you decide to pay early you can then obtain a discount on this figure, see below.  We will then let you have a formal engagement letter.

We now have a budget for the year and will try our best to stick to this. In the course of completing your accounts/Return issues outside the agreed budget may arise. We will draw these to your attention and agree with you what further charges are appropriate.

Once the work is completed we compare the budget with our actual time costs and issue any further fee/credit note as required.