Self-Assessment Tax Returns

Why spend hours worrying about how to complete and file your personal Self-Assessment tax return with the HMRC when we can do it all for you. First use our checklist to collect together the information you will need to complete your tax return. Next call 01737 551904 to make an appointment to visit us. We can normally complete the preparation and file the return there and then if you have brought along all the information needed.

Typical charges.


Simple Returns (employment and some investments).   From £100 pa

Sole traders/subcontractors. From £150 pa

Directors.  From £100 pa

Partnership Returns (accounts billed separately).  From £100 pa

Partners Returns. From £100 pa

Partnership accounts. From £100 pa

Landlords (including accounts).  From £150 – £300 pa

Share options.  Approximately £200 – £500 pa

High net worth individuals. Approximately £200 – £1,000 pa

Capital gains. Approximately £200 – £1,000 pa

We charge £35 per hour for preparation of Returns and accounts and £85 per hour for an overall review. All figures are net of VAT. A detailed quote is supplied before we commence work each year which you agree and we will let you know if for any reason, we are materially outside the budget. We keep detailed time ledgers which are available upon request. For 2016/17 Returns the deadline is 31 January 2018.

Published 13 September 2017.

Updated 15 October 2017.